The company

CBRTP is a unique mix of consulting proficiency and R&D center specializing in materials science (including photovoltaics, polymers, thin films), physics, geophysics, electrotechnics, robotics and automation. CBRTP has experience in conducting national R&D projects (as sole beneficiary and as partner in consortium) conducted commercially as well as co-financed by national and European funds.

The company was founded in 2013 and since then it has completed 5 R&D projects and in 2018 has started another 4, while the process of acquisition of another 5 projects is pending. The overall value of completed and on-going projects exceeds 40 M€ (15 M€ as CBRTP’s budget). Completed projects are currently in phase of preparation for market implementation in sectors of polymer recycling and flood embankments monitoring.

CBRTP cooperates with many Polish and European academic and research centers in terms of joint projects as well as human and technical resources exchange, therefore it has access to various, specialized scientists and research equipment. The company has developed its own two laboratory facilities in Warsaw (materials science and physics) and Cracow (electrotechnics, robotics and automation).

Currently CBRTP’s research staff includes more than 30 scientists comprising several with professor title and are backed by administration and finance team of 30 experts. Scientific achievements of company’s employees consist of more than 1 000 publications (including more than 20 with CBRTP affiliation) and more than 50 patents and patents applications (including 7 patents and patents applications co-owned by CBRTP).

Main Tasks in PULSE-COM

CBRTP will collaborate on the design, prototyping and evaluation of the PZL. They will also work on the design of a photo-mobile piezoelectric harvester working under natural light. Finally, they will lead the dissemination and exploitation of the results.



Piotr Panek

Piotr Panek, Associate professor – Senior Researcher – Specialist in photovoltaic cells fabrication and developing electrical contacts for various applications. He will be responsible for electrical characterization with the use of solar simulator and climate chamber. Head researcher in over a dozen national and international research projects in the field of silicon-based solar cells and modules. Author of 35 articles in ISI master journal list with h-index of 11.

Marek Racięski, MSc – Market Specialist – Financial analyst with extensive knowledge and wide experience as a project manager and leading analyst in financial due diligence projects, feasibility & profitability studies and new business valuations. He will be responsible for economic and market reconnaissance.

Grzegorz Kołodziej, BSc – Researcher – has experience in field of colloidal nanoparticles, intermolecular interactions and FDTD modelling from photovoltaic devices. He will be responsible for ALD growth of ZnO layers and characterization of obtained materials with electro-optical techniques.

Sylwia Grankowska Ciechanowicz, DSc – Researcher – Physicist-chemist with expertise in materials for energy storage and conversion and solid state physics. She will be responsible for NWs hydrothermal growth and their post-growth treatments to optimize optical and electrical parameters.

Karolina Leszczyńska, MSc – Researcher – Materials science engineer with expertise in advanced functional/smart materials. She has experience in conducting research for industry in the field of polymers and polymer composites. She will be responsible for NWs hydrothermal growth and SEM characterization. She will also support integration of PMP and PZL pieces of the device.

Mateusz Wlazło, DSc – Researcher – Specialist in computational chemistry and physics with expertise in gas-solid reaction energetics and electronic structure calculations. Working with ALD processes will be a natural extension of this previous experience. He will be responsible for modelling of NWs and layers fabrication and operation.