The company

SITEX expertise on design and engineering, prototyping and microproduction for sensors and microsystems by new materials applications including nanostructured as well sensing devices and microsystems integration /packaging technologies confirmed and validated by successful participation as partner, coordinator a/o end user under (i) R&D national programs MATNANTECH (New materials, micro and nanotechnologies), CEEX (Research of Excellence), PNII Partnership / Innovation (2007-2013). INVENT and (ii) R&D in international programs like FP5 / INCO Copernicus, Craft, NEXUS (European Microsystems Network) NoE and FP6 / 4M NoE (Multi-materials micro manufacture), EuroNanoMed, Eurostars and Marie Curie-IPMMAN, Under FP7 program had already successfully closed projects like MEMSCON, COMPOLIGHT, MOSYCOUSIS, INSTANT and SENSGLASS / MNT-ERA-NET, with 3 new projects ongoing like MAGPHOGLAS/ M-ERA NET, TROPSENSE/RISE-H2020/2015 and NANOGENTOOLS RISE-H2020/2016 and tBD RISE-H2020/2017 as well as OLIDIGRAPH/MANUNET/2017.

SITEX is member of more specialised european platforms like Nanomedicine, EPoSS-The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, Nanofutures, Manufuture, CLINAM, Photonics 21, RMP Rapid manufacturing platform, OE-L(Organic Electronics Ass.), and specialised associations EuMA and 4M MultiMaterials MicroManufacture, SPIE and SEMI USA, AMA / German Ass for Sensors Technology, GUS e.V (German Ass for Environmental Simulation) and ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies).

The present proposal is a great interest for SITEX45 due to innovative applications development of photonic sensing devices and actuators as well as specialized devices optical communications networks with reconfigurable properties like multiplexer/splitter/selector and spectrometry application. The PMP-PZL materials will allow a new challenging field of application for nano-scale photonic devices development with great potential of piezo-photonics applicability for environment, biomedical and biophotonics, optical telecommunications networks.



Dr. Dumitru ULIERU, MSc/Electrotechnics Engineering and Ph.D in Microelectronics and Telecommunication Bucharest Polytechnica University (1997) and R&D Manager of SITEX 45 Bucharest. With more than 35 years of experience in semiconductors, micro/nanotechnologies and unconventional technology applications for microsystems like MEMS&MOEMS, sensors and actuators, front and back-end technologies, micro-contamination control and environmental monitoring, RFID devices. He is author of over 120 papers presented at conferences, workshops and symposiums. He is member of some European and international associations and technological platforms as EPOSS, ETPN, SPIE, Photonics 21 and OE-A (Organic Electronics Association (Germany), 4M (Multimaterial micromanufacture UK), EuMA (European Microwave Association), AMA (German Ass for Sensors technology), Nanomedicine, AILU Laser UK. He is a voting member of SEMI Standards Committees (USA). He acted successfully as project coordinator or as project responsible for several national R&D projects under programs MATNANTECH (New materials, Micro and Nanotechnology), Research and Excellence and PNII (2007-2014) as well as for European projects under FP5, FP6, FP7, Eureka, MNT ERA NET and M-ERA-NET, Marie Curie, MANUNET. He was for 6 years IAB (Industrial Advisory Board) member for 4M Network of Excellence NoE 2005/2009 coordinated by Cardiff University and of 4M association Industrial Adviser Board member. Since 2010 coordinated by Birmingham University. Since 2009 he is SEMI Standardization Committee member.

PULSE COM contributions: SITEX Team Leader/Principal investigator involved in works/tasks  of WP2, WP3, WP4, and WP5. Micro/nanotechnologies applications design and development for critical parts of PMP-PZL by laser patterning, and nanostructuring WP2, PZL mounting on PMP technical solutions and operational testing  for implementation into prototype concept design and manufacturing of integrated spectrometer and 3D reconfigurable optical network parts and devices WP3, PMP-PZL device suited by 2D-PC integration onto the surface of a fibre or directly onto the PMP film for the selection of the desired wavelength ,wavelength selector/reconfigurable optical network integrated devices design and development,.  WP4, Issuing of papers,articles  and presentations at specialised international events like conferences, workshops and symposiums WP5

Xavier VILA is senior researcher, expert in CAD/CAM/CAE modelling and simulation for analytical instrumentation, electronical devices microsystems and sensing devices. He is also responsible for maintenance of hardware CAD equipments and software. He is managing the CAD/CAM/CAE department of SITEX company by coordination and development of design applications by specialized software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks applications for electronic modules, interconnections and housing for electronic components and devices, microsystems and sensors as well as smart system and instrumentation integration.

PULSE-COM contributions: Modeling and simulation of  prototype device like wavelength selector/spectrometer with high degree of miniaturization of the device and related package desgn to be integrated into optical reconfigurable networks WP4 and dissemination materials issuing computer assissted, Data management OEM software package design and implementation for  SITEX  activity WP5.

Florin BABARADA is working in Micro/nanotechnology reseach&development and since 2002 held the position since the Lecturer to actually as AssociateProfessor-Professor. Courses and applications: Technology ComputerAided Devices, Software Instruments in Microelectronics, Integrated Circuits Simulation and Design,Electronic Processes in Integrated Microstructures Simulation, Electronic Devices and Circuits at University Polytechnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics Telecommunication & InformationTechnology, 1-3 Bd. Iuliu Maniu, 061071, Bucharest, Romania. He gained his Ph.D. Degree with thesis “Microresonant Sensors Fabricated on Silicon Wafers in Planar Technology” with Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, University Polytechnica of Bucharest. Dr. Florin Babarada attended the Intensive course “Quantum Transport in Submicron Devices” – Wim Magnus, Wim Schoenmaker, IMEC-TCAD, Belgium. Between 1996-1999 was with Microelectronica SA Company on the position of Research & Development Director. Main activities and responsibilities: Managing the activity of research & development department, before has the position of Manager Masks Fabrication Department with main activities and responsibilities: Masks and Intermediate Reductions Design, processing, cleaningand inspection and previously was Manager Photolithography and Masks Department. Main activities and responsibilities: Management of department and MEMS project manager. Dr Babarada is author  a/o co-author for 9 books and over 90 papers presented and published by different proceedings of international conferences and  published by specialized publications for other more of 23 articles, 7 patents and participation as partner / coordinator of more of 39 R&D projects on his specialization fields.

PULSE COM contributions: Principal Technologist: Design and development of micro/nanotechnologies technical solutions for nanostructured materials WP2, testing and characterization technologies development and related activities to develop carefully in order to assist and control WP3, PMP-PZL, device performing and integration into wavelength selector/optical network integrated devices,EIB and dip pen lithography ,WP4.

Mr. Alexandru TOPOR, is a Ph.D student for Electronic mobile instrumentation and software applications for biophotonics domain, University Politehnica Bucharest, Electronics and Information Technology Dept. He has also a Master degree of Science în Production Engineering and Management. MSc. Dissertation: Optical Correlation Techniques for Alignment in Future Pattern Generators. KTH – The Royal Insitute of Technology Stockholm, Suedia. Bachelor of Science în Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. BSc. Thesis: Translation-Invariant Filters in the Adaptive-Subspace Self-Organizing Map. Jacobs University Bremen, Germania He is with SITEX since 2013 as software application design reseracher and application developer for high-tech applications like metrological instrumentation and integrated smart systems. He also developed several applications for image processing and vision system with high accuracy for QC/QA of microsystems,microsensors and high miniaturized parts and components by several software applications like Matlab, C#, Batch, Linux. He was involved into several international R&D project like SENSGLASS/Mnt-Era-Net ,TROPSENSE and NANOGENTOOLS-H2020, CUSTOM-ICRS, OLIDIGRAPH/Manunet, INSTANT / FP7 and ROBOGRIP/Manunet.

PULSE COM contributions: Testing and characterisation methods and solutions for PMP-PZL devices, test bentch upgrading, QC/QA technologies applications by vision systems and related software applications development WP3, WP4.

Oana-Maria ULIERU is graduated at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics in the Informatized Project Management Master program and BS in Marketing –Management Dept. at Romanian-American University, in Marketing-Management after first 2 years with IMT Bucharest, joined for 4 years to Romanian branch of German company OPTIMUND GmbH, Munchen/Germany, specialised in optoelectronic devices and power electronics components distribution on Romanian market and sales on surrounding areas, worked for 5 years with Mitsubishi Electronics / italian branch in Milan/Italy as Marketing –Management Dept., involved into market analysis and promotion activity, fairs and exhibitions organisation as well as management of own company Advanced  Promotion Consulting for 7 years. Author of more of 8 papers and presentations at specialised conferences and exhibitions like: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2014 NN`14, Industrial Technology2014 Conference, SEMICON 2013, Sensor+Test 2012/13/14/15/16/17/18.

PULSE COM contributions: Economic and Financial works and reports issuing responsibilities, Coordination of dissemination actions towards the specialised community and exploitation and promotion materials support issuing, Management of own IPR and results, Data management tools and solutions performing and implementation WP5.

Adriana MARIN is graduated in Marketing was employed in Microelectronica Bucharest for 8years /Micromanufacturing Dept. She is since 1998 within S.C.SITEX 45 S.R.L. and has expertise intomarketing promotion of electronic components, sensing devices and RFID`s products promotion actions and support towards the specialized markets. She was involved into market promotion of innovativeelectronic devices and presentation materials issuing like leaflets, technical sheets and flyers for severalfairs and exhibitions like International Technical Fair TIB Bucharest for  SITEX booth presentation, commercial reports, press releases issuing and distribution toward the industrial companies, results dissemination towards the specialized community.

PULSE COM contributions: practical approaches of characterisation of end prototype device WP4 and contributions at dissemination activities to be perfomed by SITEX exhibitor at international events like Exhibitions,fairs WP5.

Ion BALARIE is tehnician with more of 25 years experience into electro-mechanical specialization for maintenance of equipments and machines for industrial processing technologies for electronics and ceramics industry.

He joined to SITEX company since 2009 as responsible for maintenance and repairing of manufacturing ant electronics testing/characterisation equipments.

Otherwise he was successfully involved into mechanical and electric systems assembling works and integration for several national and international projects prototyping and demonstrators manufacturing like SENSGLASS/MNT-ERA-NET,INSTANT/ FP7 and MAGHPHOGLASS/M-ERA-NET.

PULSE COM contributions: WP4 Electric and fine mechanics works and solutions for assembling of prototype and integration of wavelength selector/spectrometer.