The company

INFLPR is pursuing advanced scientific research funded by national and international agencies, private institutions and enterprises.

INFLPR is currently a member of the EURATOM association, a partner in the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), partner in LASERLAB EUROPE, ALICE, and a leader in many projects funded by the EU, NATO, and other international organizations.

INFLPR, was the first and continues to be the core to highest level scientific research in photonics from the first laser mirrors in the ‘70s till present micro- to nano-photonics and nonlinear optics scientific achievements.

INFLPR coordinated 161 International and National Research Projects, from whom 40 in the frame of EU projects.
The present proposal excites the interest of INFLPR to perform nonlinear complete photonic band-gap component in the project and supervise scientific and technologic transfer to IMM partners to perform nano-scale photonic devices, using thin films coating technologies for producing metamaterial and metasurfaces and lasers or other technique to pattern the PC in order to control the light wave inside a visible super lens, mirror, multitask devices for uses in photonics, optoelectronics and biology practical applications.

Main Tasks in PULSE-COM

INFLPR will contribute to PULSE-COM project through the evaluation of materials and designs to realize the PMP device. They will also contribute to the optimisation of the PMP and PZL devices to induce new functionalities. Their experience will be used to implement a prototype on a reconfigurable optical network. Finally, they will be responsible for communication and dissemination, taking into account the IPR.



Bogdan Alexandru SAVA

Ph.D. Eng. Bogdan Alexandru Sava, which is a senior researcher with vast experience in design and implementation of national and international projects, and has as main research topics: new methods for materials and thin films preparation: Laser, plasma MS, PLD, chemical sol-gel, coprecipitation and microwave methods; nano structured materials; materials for optoelectronics, non-linear optics, magneto-optics and electronics; high purity materials; high alumina and silica products; optical glasses and optical glass filters; special ceramics; glass-ceramics; quartz glasses and doped quartz glasses, which was involved in 27 international and national research projects as coordinator or responsible, from whom 6 in last 10 years, patents approved: 3, patents filed: 4, more than 40 validated techniques and products between whom 22 in the last 10 years and other 7 senior researchers together with 2 Ph.D. students and 2 technicians.

Dr. Eng. Lucica Boroica is a senior researcher with activity focused on improving thin film applications for micro and nano-photonics: i) experimental studies on variable reflectivity mirrors, ii) design of thin film nanostructures to achieve Spin Valve switching device, iii) technological procedures for R.F.MS applied in the field of photo-voltaic CuInGaSe solar cells, iv) self-organized metallic nanoparticles and modelling dielectric thin film nanostructures to originate 2D-PC tuned at the optical frequencies.

Dr. Victor Rares Medianu is a senior researcher with rich experience in solid state physics, including: i) experimental studies (gain and saturation parameters); ii) mirrors for laser resonant cavity prototypes; iii) design of thin film nanostructures; iv) technological procedures for RF magnetron sputtering procedures applied in the field of photonic devices.

Dr. Valentin Craciun is a senior researcher which has significant experience in laser-matter interactions; transparent and conductive oxides for solar cells, displays and transparent electronics; hard and protective coatings; high k dielectrics; bioactive coatings; high emissivity optical coatings for outer space applications; coatings for nuclear applications/radiation effects in materials; nanoparticles synthesis by laser techniques and applications; structural characterization of thin films and electronic materials; laser induced breakdown spectroscopy; radiation induced effects in transparent electronics; radiation induced effects in carbides and nitrides thin films: SEM, XRD, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, XPS, TEM. Researcher ID: C-4789-2011 174 ISI articles, 28 Hirsch index, 2000 citations.

Dr. Marian Zamfirescu is the head of CETAL (Center for Advanced Laser Technologies) – INFLPR, specialized in laser material processing and photonic structures, design and construction of laser systems for experimental physics: multifunctional microscope for Direct Laser Writing (DLW) techniques, pulsed laser micro-processing (PLM), Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), two-photon lithography, micro-stereolithography, two-photon excited microscopy. He has more than 80 ISI scientific publications, with an h-index of 14, and more than 900 citations.

Dr. Ion Sandu, senior researcher, has significant experience in solid state physics, PLD depositions, design, research and development of nano structured materials, thin films, surfaces and interfaces.

Bogdan Stefanita Calin, is a Ph.D. student and has experience in integrated optics, photonic crystals, laser microprocessing, and diffractive optical elements and has knowledge in the following domains: integrated optics, photonic crystals, laser microprocessing, photonic crystals, optics numerical simulations, digital holography.

Ana Violeta FILIP is a Ph.D. student at “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati. She completed the master’s degree in “Physical and Chemical Analysis in Materials Science and Environment” and continued her studies in the same field as a Ph.D. student in Materials Engineering. She participated in the organization of four conferences that took place at the Galati University. She has three written articles (one not yet published) and participated with presentations and posters at 9 national and international conferences (with a first prize for oral presentation). During her Ph.D. studies she was engaged in a PCCA research project “1D and 2D ZnO based Nanostructures and Innovative Technology Processes for Their Direct Integration into Gas Sensing and UV Radiation Detection Devices – NANOZON” and now she work as research assistant in the PCCDI project “Nanostructured carbon nanotubes for advanced industrial applications – NANOCARBON +” at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR).

Marius Catalin DINCA is a MSc student at Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest. He completed the Bachelor of Science degree in “Medical Physics” and continued his studies in the field of Physics of Atom, Nucleus, Elementary Particles, Astrophysics and Applications. He participated in Stage 2 of the International Student Practice held at JINR on 08-28 July 2018 in Dubna, Russia. Now he works as research assistant in the PCCDI project “New directions of technological development and use of advanced nanocomposite materials. -AdvanceNano” at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR).