PULSE-COM aims to explore technological breakthroughs developing and integrating a new class of Photo-Piezo-Actuators to open a radical new future technology. Our vision is based on the use of low cost photo-mobile polymer(PMP) films and a lead-free piezo-composite (PZL) to target their use in innovative new fields never before considered. Starting from phenomenological and modelling aspects of the composite materials, we will fabricate and experimentally characterize Photo-Piezo-Actuators (PMP-PZL) proof of concept devices. The project will address through an ambitious interdisciplinary research to the employment of proper materials and the appropriate optical strategies to increase and tune the absorption of the light and finally to increase the PMP devices efficiency. With the same target electromechanical models and innovative growth processes will guide the optimization of the piezocomposite to improve its performance, and thus its sensitivity when coupled with the PMP. The PMP-PZL device will be integrated into more complex opto-electronic systems through high-risk incremental research to achieve pioneering industrial implementation. Specifically, we target the realization of cutting-edge applications based on photo-activated Meso-scale machines as opto-switches and opto-microvalves, Reconfigurable Optics and Photoenergy Harvesting Systems. Our study can open a new window on the future development of light-driven nanomotors and their potential applications in different areas such as biomedical, environmental and nanoengineering fields.